Value Auto Auction
Value Auto Auction
(740) 982-3030

Every Thursday
@ 10:00 am

Map to Value Auto Auction 3776 State Route 93 N.E.
Crooksville, Ohio 43731

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The Auction Lights


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The Auction Lights

The Auction Lights Green Light
The vehicle is sold ride and drive.
The vehicle is sold needing less than $700.00 in one single repair. The buyer has until 4:00pm the next day to report any problems.

Yellow Light
The vehicle is sold with an announced defect.
Buyer should ask the auctioneer to repeat the announcment before bidding on the car.

White Light
Auction Guarantee!
(Engine, transmission, drive axle).
The vehicle is sold needing less than $700.00 in one single repair. Any problems must be reported by 4:00pm day of sale.

Red Light
Vehicle is Sold "100% AS-IS"
means that the buyer receives a negotiable title, accurate odometer statement and solid frame. Vehicles sold over 100,000 miles or "True Mileage Unkown" (TMU) are 100% AS-IS. Vehicles sold for $2,000.00 or less will be sold 100% AS-IS...
Regardless of Light!

Blue Light
Title Attached/Title Unavailable/Title Absent.
Is used to announce that the title is not present at the time of sale. For auction rules regarding titles, please refer to the Title Arbitration Policy section. If T/A in not announced, a vehicle could be arbitrated for misrepresentation.

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