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VAA Floatplan

VAA FloatPlan

Giving you the edge.

Here at Value Auto Auction we hold true to our name in valuing our customers. With this in mind, we have created a FloatPlan system that will give you the edge that you need to keep your lot fully stocked. Float sales occur twice a month, every month with special selective float sales occurring throughout the year. Don't be left behind. Be sure to ask Caitlin Clark, the FloatPlan Manager, how you can create the buying power that you need with Value Auto Auction's FloatPlan!


Download the Application

Fill it out, fax it in. Fax: (740) 982-3055

Download the VAA Floatplan Application
"Right Click" and "Save As" to download to your computer. Once you have done that you can fill it out on your computer.

Floatplan Guidelines

1. Float term is for 30 days, your check will be deposited on the 29th day and clear your bank on the 30th or later.

2. Float addendum agreements need to be signed at the time of check out on every vehicle to be floated.

3. Please make sure you know your established float limits and balances before buying vehicles. If you need to request an increase, please discuss this with the Float Plan manager prior to buying.

4. All vehicles floated will be titled in Buying Dealerships name with lien in favor of Value Auto Auction LLC. You will be charged only for the cost of title and lien. This allows for quicker titling if vehicle is sold within the 30 day period.

5. If your checks fail to clear your bank account or are returned to VAA NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) your floating privileges will be suspended and all vehicles on float become due at that time.

6. Maximum amount floated on any vehicle is $7000.00. If you buy a vehicle for more than $7000.00 you will be asked to write 2 checks, one to float $7000.00 and another for the remaining balance of sale price and fees; this check will be deposited when title is present.

7. Float privilege is available to all Dealers whom have done business with VAA for at least 6 months with no returned checks or title issues. The amount available to you is based on your average purchases over the last 6 months, along with other criteria.

8. We may review vehicles on float at any time. Please make information available as to vehicle(s) not present, i.e. purchase agreements or address where vehicle(s) is located.

9. Floating is a privilege you have qualified for, please work with us to keep your line clean.

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